Mücahit Ataman
Mücahit Ataman

Hello! I'm Mücahit Ataman

I've been interested in software development since the age of 14, consistently striving for improvement in this field. I began taking software courses on November 18, 2021. I have specialized in web development, graphic design, cybersecurity, and social media management.

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About Me

Embarking on my software development journey commenced with enrolling in courses on November 18, 2021.

Since then, I've delved into various domains, specializing in web development, graphic design, cybersecurity, and social media management.

The knowledge and experiences amassed during this venture fuel my dedication to crafting inventive solutions for both projects and professional pursuits. Actively staying abreast of the latest developments in the tech world, I ensure that my applications seamlessly incorporate the most current trends, portraying a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation.

Social Media Accounts
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My Experience

Discover my experiences in business and personal development.

2021 - 2022

Software Engineer

Full-stack Web Developer

2022 - 2023

Graphic designer

UX / UI Desinger &

2022 - 2023

cyber security ep.

Cyber Security Expert

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My Education

This section includes the trainings I've received throughout my life.

Html, Css, Java Courses

I began my software journey with HTML, and as I expanded my knowledge by learning CSS and JavaScript, I successfully completed 13 different courses. I also passed the exams for each course with success.

PHP, Sql Courses

To enhance my skills in creating better websites, I proceeded by choosing software languages with data flow. I took 7 courses in PHP and SQL, successfully completing each one.

Graphic design

In 2023, I decided to improve myself in the field of graphic design, and my journey as a graphic designer began. I took 5 courses in this field, and successfully completed all of them.

Personal Development Courses

In 2023, with the aim of self-improvement, I attended numerous courses in various fields such as Human Resources, Communication Skills, Accounting, and Finance. To give an example, I obtained more than 27 success certificates.

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